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“North American Spine & Pain is the best choice for my back pain relief. Thanks to Dr. Doshi’s expert care, I am able to live my life without using a wheelchair. I am truly grateful for my experience with Dr. Doshi and the friendly and professional staff of North American Spine & Pain.” – W.N.

“I had been dealing with severe back pain for over two years. I was seeing a pain management specialist who thought epidural shots were the only answer for my back pain. It was then I decided to go for a second opinion. I was referred to Dr. Ronak Patel at North American Pain and Spine. He was very sympathetic to the pain I was experiencing and devised an action plan to greatly reduce and/or eradicate the pain I had been living with for the past few years.

We went ahead with a trial spinal cord stimulator, which completely removed all pain associated with my lower back. I was truly amazed and hopeful for the permanent implant, of which I received a few weeks ago. My pain has all but left me.

Dr. Patel wasn’t quick to write me off and has been genuinely concerned about my well-being. He takes the time to listen and discuss the best course of action to guide me on the road to pain recovery.

I am grateful for his skill and determination to make my life pain free and enjoyable again.” – Michael A. Sullivan, M.Ed.

I was in a car accident when I was in my early 20s but I didn’t start having pain until years later. I suffered from chronic migraines, neck and arm pain with numbness in my hand. I saw a pain Doctor in NY and I never really had the relief I was looking for. Dr Rastogi and North American Spine and Pain were referred to me when I moved into the area, and right from the start they had a great treatment plan to get me back to pain relief. I have been a patient now for 3 years and thanks to Dr Rastogi I have my old life back. I am back to doing my favorite activities like hiking and surfing and I feel like I did before my accident. Thanks to Dr Rastogi and the North American team, my wife and I were able to have our dream honeymoon of camping cross-country which I would have never been able to do with my old pain.


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