Treatments We Offer


At North American Spine and Pain, our doctors are dedicated to advancing the treatment of pain, anxiety, neurologic disease, PTSD, cancer, bowel disease and opioid addiction.

Consultations are provided by our medical marijuana physicians to evaluate the risks and benefits of treating a chronic debilitating disease with cannabis. Patients are expected to read the Procedures & Policies before coming for an evaluation. The people behind our state medical marijuana programs have taken a big risk to help their patients. They have put in place strict rules and regulations, and this is how it should be. Please come prepared with primary documentation to confirm your qualifying condition and its prior efforts of treatment, or request your doctors’ offices to fax us “progress notes” from the last year before the visit. They will know what that means.

Our consultations also make use of an optional Cannabis DNA Test, which informs you of your genetic predispositions to negative side effects following cannabis consumption. It also provides cannabinoid and terpene guidance, critical for identifying effective products from your local dispensary. If you are interested, simply ask us about the service during your visit and we will help guide you in the right direction

Upcoming Events

Check back here for information on our upcoming webinar, we will be posting information soon!