Chronic Pain and Sleep

 In Pain Management

There are important healthy habits you can try to help reduce pain. One of the most important is trying to get a good night’s sleep. A good, restorative sleep, generally between six to nine hours, can help your body and muscles recover, helping to reduce back pain or general aches and pains. This will allow you to wake feeling refreshed.

Back pain can make it harder to sleep, reducing your body’s ability to recover, thus leading to more back pain. Talk to your doctor to learn helpful ways to sleep comfortably with back pain. There are a variety of pillows you can try, meditation or light stretching before bed, or even starting a bedtime routine to help your body wind down.

Also consider the importance of getting the right amount of sleep for your body. Too much sleep, as discussed in this recent article, can also cause you to wake feeling groggy and tired. Test out a few different sleep times (seven, eight, or nine hours) and see which works best for your schedule.